People deride materialism at this time of year but materialism itself is not the problem. The problem is why it has disproportionate value: not with what exists but what does not exist to counteract it. People make a religion out of stuff where religions too are nonsense. They are nonsense because they are metaphysically flawed. They are flawed because they are stories not fact, myth not phenomenology. What struck me in a shopping area recently was how crass (so called) music in teenage shops was. It is psychologically equivalent to the jeans, frocks, shirts, socks, jackets, tops and shoes. It’s all the same noxious environment with the same hallucinogenic effect. The UK riots in 2011 were addicts getting their drug. They occurred just before I left for the Pyrenees.


Lake District Photography: Mountains And Materialism

Monday December 31, 2012