Tiny walkers, made so with photography, at Chorlton Meadows. I’ve written about this symbolism already: our relationship with nature, how we can be immersed in nature, and thereby soothed and consoled. There’s a secondary meaning to my project which concerns conservation. It seems Manchester council are about to disestablish the Mersey Valley Warden Service. And in typical council fashion they are inviting the public to a consultation meeting when it appears the decision has already been made. Much of the area exists as semi wild space and doesn’t need any tending. But I very much doubt if the council will understand or accept that this is so. Too unregulated, too free, too natural; can’t be allowed. On which basis there’s some concern about the future of these areas and will some parts be sold off, probably for housing developments, and who will profit from that.


Chorlton Meadows: Grey Coat Walker

Tuesday February 12, 2013