This was in April when the bizarrely long winter hadn’t yet finished. Since then, three months later, we’ve had occasional but minimal sunshine most notably lasting an entire week when I went to Wales. If the trend of recent years continues that good week (Dolweddylan and the Rhinogs for me) was our early summer and now we will have two months of warm but grey and depressing gloom. Of course we are preoccupied with British weather. It’s because we constantly battle against it. I yearn for California and the Sierra Nevada, for Andalucia and the hills of the same name, for the White Mountains of hot Crete, for the Pyrenees, for any place where the sun shines in the mountains. British hills are a pocket sized delight but for much of the time they are sombre, wet, and dull. But keep calm and carry on taking photographs, because you do find redeeming moments of subtle beauty.


Lake District Outlooks: Grasmoor To Buttermere

Wednesday June 26, 2013