On one side of Y Garn you can see Snowdon and hear the train. On the other side you look down to Llyn Idwal. This view is down towards the sea. I don’t often take abstract shots where you identify simple graphic shapes isolated from the wider landscape. This however gets close, largely based on the effect of cloud and light. When I was in the Pyrenees this year I noticed the magazine Le Pyrenees features a lot of abstract photography: the close up of fields showing their patterns, the isolated view of mists against rock. I think there’s a fatigue with traditional landscape imagery in magazines and people are trying ‘new’ ways of doing it. ‘Graphic’ shots are also quite effective when laid out with text, which includes both copy and advertising. This raises aesthetic questions about ‘authenticity.’ I think I’ll write more about that, and what exactly I mean.


Wales Photography: Y Garn Slopes

Sunday September 22, 2013