I waited here about twenty minutes looking for the best arrangement I could find. Walking photography is different from commercial landscape photography. Colin Prior for example has told how he wild camps in a particular place which he might have been stalking for two or three years, to get a shot he has visualised. I also know what I want when I walk the hills, but I’m constrained by the requirements of the day. Sometimes you get what you want because the conditions are good, sometimes you don’t, and sometimes you are pleasantly surprised. I like the idea of stalking the hills to find a Cartier-Bresson decisive moment, a Eugen Herrigel one Zen shot, the sublime picture of rock, colour, and light. But when Colin Prior does it the image he obtains gives him a substantial return when it is then used commercially, and communicates ‘picture’ not ‘walking.’


Wales Mountain Photo: Y Garn To Glyders

Wednesday September 25, 2013