The head of the Wasdale valley, over shadowed by the beauty of Great Gable, is a remarkable place. This view is towards the Scafells. It’s a remote part of the Lake District which means it doesn’t get the traffic of places like Grasmere and Ambleside and their surrounding fells. It feels rugged and dramatic and wild. I once undertook a wild camping circuit around Wastwater which you see here, I’ve walked Pillar and Gable and the Scafells numerous times, enjoyed many days at the wonderful Wasdale Head camp site, and remember an exceptional wild camp at Blackbeck Tarn which is below Pillar. The character of the area changes dramatically according to the weather. It’s a moody place and can be depressing. Coleridge walked around here once, seeking a strange wild abandonment to reflect his unsettled and opium drugged mind. If you know your Shakespeare, this was rather like King Lear when he walks in a storm on the heath and tries to defy the elements saying “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!”


Lake District: Hazy Wastwater

Tuesday October 15, 2013