Sometimes I really enjoy the square format. And sometimes it’s by far the best format to use. It has a calming and stabilising effect compared to the dynamism of a spread horizontal shape. The view here – simple, quiet, concentrated – is from the Pillar ridge towards Haystacks, Fleetwith Pike, and Dale Head.

Consider the effect of this photographic arrangement. The rocks at the bottom convey a sense of weight, anchoring the shot when the top half opens out across receding hills. It was a good day. The first valley you’re looking across is Ennerdale. Beyond Haystacks you find the Buttermere valley.

Ennerdale is one place in the Lake District I’ve not explored very much. There are a few, with generally no reason to pursue them. It takes a very long time to drive to Ennerdale and the valley is artificially forested. The views up to Pillar are however very poignant if you’re familiar with Pillar, and haven’t seen the Ennerdale approach.


Lake District Photography: Pillar Route Towards Buttermere.

Monday October 21, 2013