I first saw Pic du Midi d’Ossau five years ago. It felt thrilling, familiar, and joyous seeing this wonderful area again: closing the gap between memory and experience. This was the culmination of the first walk of my trip, Pyrenees 2013, Col de la Hourquette. I’d been ill and considered missing this section to make it easier. I’m glad I didn’t. I walked around here for an hour also climbing Pic Ayous which is higher and to the left. Initially the skies were a perfect blue. Then it deteriorated with evening clouds you see on the right. Five minutes later the vision was gone. I’ve got many shots of Midi d’Ossau. I like the ridge here with the red coloured path making an effective frame.


Pyrenees Photography: Col de la Hourquette to Pic du Midi d'Ossau

Sunday November 3, 2013