I don’t gravitate toward effects like this because I prefer a more neutral photographic style. This seems a little contrived although it wasn’t. The morning sun was glaring towards me which creates lens flare. When I was here in 2009 I took the same shot – my tent was in the same place – but without the sunlight effect. In 2009 I used the rock you can see bottom right as a platform to get to the water. There are many cows at this camping area with noisy bells. Last time they woke me early and I had to get back to sleep. This year I didn’t see them until around ten o’clock. I had a relaxed time here to start a leisurely day, not setting off until eleven thirty. I didn’t want to leave but next stop Candanchu in Spain, after exploring Lac Casterau.


Pyrenees Mountains: Lac Gentau Camping

Sunday November 10, 2013