In 2009 I met and had dinner with an Italian walking party at Refuge Ayous. Only one spoke fluent English but I enjoyed their company. I met them again at Refuge Pombie, and again at Arremoulit. They told me the Col de Suzon route was better than the usual High Level Route from Ayous to Pombie. Whichever route you take you will yearn to explore the other. They also told me at Refuge Pombie they stopped to have lunch here at Lac Casterau. It sounded idyllic and I yearned to explore the lake myself. With every shot you take I advise that you consider the format. Vertical, square, horizontal or panoramic as here. Cropping a section from the top and base of this shot makes a more concentrated composition. You have to identify what the meaning of every shot is – this shape, that water, those colours – and sculpt your photograph accordingly.


Photographing Pyrenees Mountains: Lac Casterau

Tuesday November 12, 2013