Pico Anayet is near to this place: a large plateau where you find the large lake called Ibons d’Anayet. It was the next highlight of my Pyrenees 2013 trip after Midi d’Ossau in France. I walked here using the GR11 from Candanchu. The first part of the route is not hugely interesting along an enclosed valley where a man was searching for huge mushrooms for lunch with his wife. Then I climbed up a steep hillside which I enjoyed because of the wild flowers. I saw about twenty five different types which I’d never seen before and photographed each of them. Once at the top you suddenly get views back to Midi d’Ossau. It’s a delightful place excellent for a wild camp but my plan was to reach Sallent de Gallego for the night. I wasn’t sure of the way and asked a large party who were throwing down rucksacks preparing to camp. Where have you come from I asked, thinking I might return the same way. I don’t remember what he said – Czechoslovakia, Russia or East European nearby – and thus began a peculiar few minutes where he seemed surprised and vaguely hostile I was requesting mountain information: normal camaraderie behaviour but he thought otherwise.


Pyrenees Mountains Photography: Pico Anayet Pool

Friday November 15, 2013