This stream runs downhill from Ibons d’Anayet. I moved around here rapidly for ten minutes, firing off shots while the light remained. The light didn’t change so I relaxed and walked around again then had food and water on the grass. I asked some young Spanish people if they knew the way to Sallent de Gallego. They got up from their rest very enthusiastically, pointing the way and then gesticulating that I could follow them. The direction was clear in a few minutes. Much easier than labouring over a map where there is always some risk of error. I wasn’t sure about walking with them but they were delightful company. Paula, laughing and smiling and playing, offering food to her male friends and I while she didn’t eat herself. Lawrence, more sombre but making an effort to communicate in English. Danielle, who several times looked back at me to monitor my safety as I crossed a stream or climbed past a rock; who was enthusiastic about practicing English and thought I was in his care. I was lucky too because they had a car at Formigal and took me down to Sallent de Gallego. It’s a long section, two or three hours walking down roads, and the day had already ended.


Pyrenees Mountains: Ibons D'Anayet Stream

Sunday November 17, 2013