Occasionally you find a photograph which works equally well in a vertical, horizontal, or square format. This is probably my favourite but it’s not so easy to use the vertical orientation for editorial or print purposes. There’s a clash between aesthetics and function regarding the photographs. I can’t resolve that so I like to show the alternatives. There’s also a subjective part to it whichever shot you prefer: horizontal or vertical. For me this photograph concentrates more closely on the main interest. Flower, stream, mid range boulder, leading towards the distant summit which is Pic du Midi d’Ossau. The sky was interesting too. Had it been solid blue this picture would not be quite so succesful. It was fun to gaze back at France from Spain. Most of my trip this year was the GR11 in Spain.


Pyrenees Photography: Ibons D'Anayet Stream

Tuesday November 19, 2013