I’m not sure what this area is called and for identification purposes which stream this is. It runs down from Ibons D’Anayet and about an hour from here you see the ski station at Formigal. My Spanish companions lived in Huesca. It astonishes me to see people enjoy these mountains with casual day trips. Paula was a kindergarten teacher, Lawrence was a locksmith, and Danielle worked in steel construction. We struggled but succeded communicating what we did. Paula attempted the word ‘garden’ and I didn’t understand but now I do. The mountains in the distance are looking towards Le Vignemale. That peak could be Le Vignemale but I’m not sure. I was over there a few days later following the Spanish GR11 which they call La Senda. I spent the night at a pleasant small village called Sallent de Gallego where you find a few large hotels. One told me they were full when I enquired about the price with my vest, shorts, poles and rucksack. You also find small and inexpensive guest houses. Mine was the equivalent of about twenty five pounds for the night. I had home made pizza, rice, salad, bread, satisfying my stomach at last in the downstairs restaurant. I went for a quick walk in search of a telephone then retired to bed. I closed the window intitially so I didn’t hear people talking in the street. An hour later, hot and unsettled, I opened it again.


Pyrenees Photography: Stream From Ibons D'Anayet To Formigal

Saturday November 23, 2013