The first part of this day was about two hours up a road. The book didn’t tell you this and I was glad I decided to hitch a lift as far as possible. I’ve found the French more attuned to hitching than the Spanish and wasn’t hopeful. A few cars passed. A few seconds later I was being hailed by two young ladies who had pulled over. They lived in Barcelona and were on holiday. They had a panting dog I had to stop from licking my face. The skies darkened as I walked up this track to Respomuso and I feared a storm was coming. It was forecast, moving over from the east side of the Pyrenees, with reports of minus fifteen temperatures at the top of Aneto. This was a stunning area for wild flowers. They covered the hillside to the right and were arranged beside the path like an ornamental garden.


Pyrenees Photography: Path To Respomuso

Sunday November 24, 2013