Walking the Pyrenees in 2009 I wasn’t sure if the Llena Cantal valley here was my route. It wasn’t but it looked very attractive. I made my way to Refuge Wallon some of it with a pleasant couple whom I’d met the evening before, both of us camping beside a lake not far from here. Wallon takes you over to France, this pass remains in Spain and takes you eventually to Banos de Panticosa where there are no camping options. Fortunately the hostel wasn’t crowded. There were two chaps in my room equally as quiet as I was, a shouty pair in an adjoining room taking no care with noise or lights – why so selfishly oblivious to others? – but it wasn’t too bad and my bed was beside a window which helped. I felt I was connected to the outdoors while being inside. The meal was good: soup, rice, cheese, a vegetable dish, salad and bread. My stomach was finally full after two days of deprivation which is bad for the mountains when you need plenty of calories. Basic food, but the hostel is in a valley which means they provide a good quantity of it. Mountain hut fare can be meagre. It’s irritating because everyone knows you need a good meal when you’re walking and you pay enough for it. That meal, however, was later in the evening and this day’s walking was a tremendous struggle. Panoramic shots don’t work too well at my web site. Full screen, or as a print, I like this photograph.


Pyrenees Photography: Respomuso To Panticosa Morning

Wednesday November 27, 2013