Editing my Pyrenees 2013 photographs thus far this one is distinctive. It’s a stunning view and I’m especially enjoying the photograph because I didn’t enjoy the day. If a doctor transported me to a laboratory to examine my calorie intake and the effort I sometimes make without them they’d be horrified. Did I tell you about the time, climbing up to the Lake District’s Coniston, when a hill walking doctor told me “you look like shit” and insisted I ate a snack. But you’re off duty I said, so you shouldn’t be doing this. Two hours after this Pyrenean view I was at the foot of Pico Infiernos. I wasn’t able to climb it because of deficient food, energy, and daylight. A few years ago a Spanish chap advised me where to walk and which summits to consider. Aneto, Perdido, Posets, Le Taillon, the Ordesa canyon: famous and superb Pyrenees attractions in which he inluded Infiernos.


Balaitous: Pyrenees Mountains

Saturday November 30, 2013