I sometimes make two versions of a shot I like if it’s equally effective in black and white or in different formats. I rarely make three versions but this view is sufficiently satisfying to deserve it. It’s strangely more poignant because the walking day was a dreadful underfed struggle, the low point of my trip. Nietzsche would be proud of me. Actually I’m not a heroic or conquering kind of walker at all. Tales of derring-do are nice to attract the ladies and provoke rebounding competitive stories from chaps but I prefer sunshine, flowers, and beauty. I do however work hard to find the latter. This is a wonderful area. You can reach Respomuso quite easily from Sallent de Gallego, camp as I did or sleep in the hut, then continue into remote Alpine wildness. I saw just a few people for the entire day.



Sunday December 1, 2013