I was in bad shape at this point, the second highest col on the entire GR11. Dinner the night before was like a snack, breakfast not much better, and all I had left was oat cakes and dates. That’s Infiernos above. I calculated it would take me longer to climb than my book advised, then it would be dusk, and then I had to get back down to safety and further down to Banos de Panticosa. The skies were slightly hazy and I felt the views would not be hugely different from the summit as I gazed into the distance, then the peak, then from the col, imagining the outlook. I did the same thing last year. There’s a Pyrenees peak you want to climb, it’s a relatively short distance from a high level track but the conditions – food, energy, light – are such that it’s not a good idea. I thought I might go down to the lake but it meant descending unattractive scree and needed more time than you initially realised.


Pyrenees Mountains: Pico Infiernos

Monday December 2, 2013