Downhill from here the route wasn’t clear. A path marked with paint flashes takes you across a river and then nowhere. From that vantage point it looks clear where you need to go which is back across the river and down the valley on a discernible track the other side. After walking that track for twenty minutes you realise there are no GR11 paint flashes. It’s downhill and I had to decide: retrace my steps expending a lot of time and energy or continue. I retraced about half the distance then continued, feeling anxious. No one was around to ask directions. My map didn’t make it clear either. For micro navigation you need a large scale map which I didn’t have. These moments are potentially serious. At best, a profound disruption to your plans. At worst, in bad weather they might be dangerous. I thought it must be the correct route – there was no alternative – but there were still no paint flashes. Then a large lake was visible below also demarcated on the map. I was confirmed again but still anxious.


Pyrenees GR11 Photography: Ibon Azul Superior

Friday December 6, 2013