My last view of Picos Infiernos and Ibon Azul Superior sparkling in the sunlight. I prefer the French side of the Pyrenees because it’s greener and softer. Spanish mountains are often barren, rocky, and harsh. Several times I’ve considered a trip to the Atlas mountains in Morocco but I have a similar reservation. When I crossed the frontier back to France this year it was a lovely conclusion to my trip, returning to a landscape which could have been the Lake District. I find it fascinating how different places have different aesthetic qualities. The great advantage of the Spanish Pyrenees is better weather. There are parts of the Pyrenees however which I probably won’t visit. Perdido for example, towering above the Ordesa Canyon, is a very barren mountain. Picos Infiernos is barren too but with different rock.


Picos Infiernos And Ibon Azul Superior

Saturday December 7, 2013