The lake here is Ibon de Bachimana Alto at 2207 metres. About three hours later I was down at Banos de Panticosa. I slept at the hostel, the only option apart from an extremely expensive hotel a Spanish chap described as “horrible” and I agree. It’s a posh and incongruous place with swimming pool and luxury. Nice I suppose if that’s your lifestyle but it’s not the mountain lifestyle. I had a simple but satisyingly full meal making up for the last two days. I like to converse with people in the evening but can only do that in English or basic French. I sat with a pleasant Spanish group on a weekend trip. The hostel staff were attentive, explaining my vegetarian option did not consist only of my soup while the others had a substantial dish. A few years ago I was served salad at a mountain hut as if being vegetarian meant that’s all I ate and needed. It’s irritating and stressful when you realise people don’t understand that which is fairly obvious, in addition to the language obstacle, when you must have sufficient food. There were two loud and noisy chaps in an adjoining dormitory – why so inconsiderate?! – but in my room two chaps as quiet as I was. I slept well on the floor level of a bunk bed beside a window which I opened. I didn’t edit this photograph except for routine sharpening. Across to the left not too far away you have the peak of Grande Fache. I climbed it a few years ago before descending to Refuge Wallon in France. I tried to remember the view and make an imaginative connection with this outlook. I like doing that. On this occasion I couldn’t do it.


Pyrenees Photography: Ibon De Bachimana Alto

Sunday December 8, 2013