After a good meal the night before and a meagre but supplemented breakfast the difference was wonderful. I climbed this hillside up from Banos de Panticosa the time it advised in my book. I felt great. I realised I’d been disabled by lack of food. This changes your mood when you have no energy and can’t do what you want to do; not with any pleasure or reasonable speed. I reflected on numerous tough days over previous years and concluded I hadn’t eaten enough. It’s hard to know what’s happening. Am I feeling fed up, which happens, and is that causing my fatigue. Is it because I’m not a strong walker, which is generally but not always true in the Pyrenees. Did I get enough sleep which for me is incapacitating. I made enquiries at the hostel and was considering a bus ride to skip a day and give me some rest. I think there was only one bus and not until mid afternoon so it wasn’t a good plan. After thirty minutes walking I realised I’d made a good decision: because I was fed and fuelled.


Pyrenees Photography: Panticosa Hillside

Monday December 9, 2013