This is a small outlet pool from Ibon Dero Brazzato which sits at 2360 metres. From here I had to climb another 200 metres then it was all downhill to Bujaruelo. I stopped for a snack at this point. When I hear about some people’s experience of the Pyrenees I think I’ve been lucky with the weather except for my first trip in autumn which was dismal. Every year since I’ve gone at the end of August. I’ve certainly had cold and wet days but it’s generally been excellent. It’s quite a revelation coming from dreary Britain. I remember a few years ago the wonderful feeling as I arrived at Lourdes, changed into shorts and vest, and gazed at distant mountains where I was headed. Summer was there in the Pyrenees but not in Britain.


Pyrenees Photography: Ibon Dero Brazzato

Wednesday December 11, 2013