After Brazato you reach two or three high level lakes. These are called Ibon Deras Batans. For about two hours I’d been walking quite strongly. Around this point I started to feel tired again, from exertion not a calorie deficit.

A few years ago I met a chap from London undertaking the entire High Level Route. We spoke briefly at the campsite below Viados, met again the following morning at a high level col, again at Refuge Soula, then Portillon, and again at Camping Banos in the Esera valley. We walked together a little but he was much faster than me, had dinner together, then he departed taking a GR11 diversion because of weather concerns.

I rested that day then walked up to Refugio Angel Orus and to Posets the day after. I suggested to Graham what we were doing was very dangerous. If we slipped and twisted or broke an ankle we could quite easily die because some Pyrenees areas are remote and solitary. You don’t think about it when you walk. This was however a very rocky and bouldery area.


Pyrenees Lakes: Ibon Deras Batans

Saturday December 14, 2013