The top part of the Ara Valley is not especially interesting. After an hour or two you reach the lower section which I enjoyed revisiting. When I was there before it started to rain quite heavily and this year I remembered very distinctly the place where I decided to use my Goretex rain trousers. Thirty minutes later I reached a tree area, not exactly a forest, where I noticed fire salamanders. They don’t have the hypersensitivity some creatures do to possible danger. For that reason they are relatively easy to photograph. I didn’t see any this year. I suspect they shelter from the sunshine.

With streams and rivers you have to decide which photographic effect you want. Mirror like frozen water, a soft blur, or something in between as here. The shutter speed was about a thirtieth of a second. I don’t remember exactly and can’t be bothered to check. To some extent you can guess by looking at a shot.


Pyrenees Book: Ara Valley

Wednesday December 18, 2013