A Spanish couple told me the bio-diversity here is excellent. We were discussing the French and Spanish Pyrenees and I said I preferred the former because they are softer and greener. He told me you could find wild strawberries beside the path. It’s a wonderful area here, the lower Ara Valley descending to Bujaruelo. You have the Rio Ara, trees, good soil, and nurturing Spanish sunshine so it’s no surprise to find it ecologically rich. Spain is certainly harsher, craggier, and in some places more barren. With a good river however the Spanish Pyrenees can be luxuriant. It’s not the same as the French side when harsh white rock defines everything, but abundant restful green soothes and reassures.

This is looking up towards Vignemale in France. Higher in the valley I enjoyed patches of large wild flowers like flat daisies eighteen inches across. They were rough and cactus like, not pretty or delicate, and correspondingly endearing. Their naked purpose consists of one thing only: to survive.


Pyrenees Photography: Ara Valley Near Bujaruelo To Vignemale

Sunday December 22, 2013