It’s fairly easy to create photographs similar to those of Ansel Adams. I’m not saying this shot is in the same class as his work, but rather you can can identify the same aesthetic. You have light or white coloured rock, deep blue skies which translate into black, sculptural forms and textures which it’s satisfying to compose. I’ve never hiked in North America because it’s expensive to get there and there’s so much to explore in Europe. I would like to however, partly to experience the country as such, and the people with whom I perhaps have more in common with than the French or Spanish.

The Bujaruelo camp site, not too far from here, is a good place to stay. Facilities are good which includes the food and drink at the hostel. The setting is good too. On my second night the wind picked up and I had to move my backpacking tent to a shaded place beside trees. The big tents could withstand it.Even so, some people went to fetch big stones to anchor down their guylines. I enjoyed my second visit.


Pyrenees Photography Book: Spanish Canyon View

Wednesday December 25, 2013