The Estos valley is a fine base for walking. The refuge has good facilities and is very large. I’d find it uncomfortable if it were full: my room had beds for at least sixty people. Only ten or fifteen were sleeping there however, which meant a peaceful night. I had the same experience at Refugio Angel Orus, the other side of Posets which is here to the right, a few years ago. Huge dormitory, not many people, so I slept well. The Estos food was OK but breakfast, as always, was ridiculously meagre. You walk for an hour, caffeine fuelled, then have to stop for a proper meal. Two small biscuits and feather weight “bread” in a sealed plastic bag is a sugar snack. I know supplies are difficult in the huts but we all know too the importance of food.

In fact the Estos refuge can be reached on a quad bike. Wild camping in the valley would be delightful. With sufficient supplies you could return to your tent for two or three nights and enjoy good day walking. There’s plenty to explore including an ascent of Posets, second highest Pyrenees mountain at 3375 metres or 11073 feet. Aneto, highest mountain of all, is not much higher and is reputedly not as satisfying in terms of views and outlook. I highly recommend Posets. You can see Aneto in the distance from the summits in this area. There are few Pyrenees mountains with permanent glaciers and possible snow in summer. Aneto is one of them.


Pyrenees Photography: Estos Valley

Monday December 30, 2013