My plan was to walk up to Posets from Estos. A sign said it takes eight hours and together with advice, led me to change my mind. I’m not a strong walker and I then had to get down to the Esera valley which is another two hours. Posets was supposed to be the final highlight of my trip, a repeat visit after a few years ago. I discovered it was possible to walk up the other side of the valley to Gourgs Blanc and Calberides which is the view you see here. In the far distance on the right you see Aneto. Gourgs Blancs is to the left. There’s a permanent glacier down the other side which is in France.

The area is part of a challenging section of the HRP I found unpleasant. I became stuck on the dark red slopes you see below. They were a short cut when the path was higher up but became steep and unstable. I was stuck. I couldn’t go forward, couldn’t go back, and although the fall was not dramatic it could have killed me. If not immediately then from injury and exposure. The slope was about forty five degrees then the ground fell away. I was surprisingly calm. The only escape was to climb higher where the ground was more stable and I realised, as with snow, I could make my own foot holds. I reached for a stone and dug out one, then another, then another, and made my way to safety. Notice how your perception of this photograph changes when I divulge this story. Notice your own internal process. This is, in essence, my primary interest with mountain photography.


Pyrenees Photography: Calberide

Tuesday December 31, 2013