Posets. The name is lovely. The views from the Viados refuge are lovely. The walk from Refugio Angel Orus is lovely. The views here from Calberides, the other side of the Estos valley, are lovely. It was too much for me to climb Posets from Estos in terms of energy, time, and my slow walking style. Then I had another two hours to get down to the Esera valley because I didn’t want a second night at the Estos refuge. A refuge for me is an occasional necessity fraught with apprehension and stress: how many are here, am I jostling sleeping bag shoulders, is he going to snore, will she wake me at four in the morning, do they understand what vegetarian means, will I get a sufficient much needed quantity of food, will I feel ill because of all this. This is no exaggeration. It describes exactly my feelings about mountain huts and the overriding concern: am I expected to be some kind of stoic mountain man who isn’t bothered by this. Because I’m not and I am. The other part of it is they tend to be cheery friendly places where you meet French people, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, and this year at Respomuso the chef was from Nepal. He had a walking business he told me, and in the off season cooked food in the Pyrenees. This was a good day. Lovely views to Posets, from a new outlook. The far view top right is towards the Ordesa canyon. Notice the aesthetics of this shot. The rippling texture of Posets, the colours and how they sit in the folds, the play of light and shadow and cloud; the russett red foreground and how it provides scale and framing, the peeping cloud on the right and how it balances and echoes the far view to the poignant summit.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Posets

Friday January 3, 2014