This outlook is from Calberide, above the Estos valley, looking in the direction of Aneto which you see peeping through halfway up on the right. Halfway up the left side you see the beginning of the cloud in France which extended across a hundred and eighty degrees the other side of the ridge, behind Gourgs Blanc. Thirty minutes later and the cloud had spilled over from France, and you couldn’t see the valley below which leads down to Estos.

When I finally descended I met with a man and his son carrying ropes. Earlier in the morning a Spanish chap had told me about Gourgs Blanc, offering a shorter and easier route than Posets. I didn’t realise you could walk the other side of the Estos valley. I’m not sure, but when he referred to Gourgs Blanc I think he had climbing in mind not walking. I didn’t have the time to go there anyway, but met a couple who were following a tourist map of Calberide which I suspect is the sensible option from the Estos refuge. I like the splash of cloud in this shot.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Calberide Views

Saturday January 4, 2014