Photographers occasionally indulge in myth making. It builds a mystique to their work, creates implied superiority, and discourages others seeking similar attainment. I know my way around the subject technically, culturally, aesthetically, and academically. Some of it can be taught and some of it depends on innate feeling. Composition can be ‘taught’ but can you ‘feel’ it. As a teacher too it’s my job to demystify and deconstruct so other people understand. The fact is I was lucky here. No one knows when a cloud inversion will occur although in Britain, there are meteorological indications which are sometimes announced. In the Pyrenees, such as here, you may find it’s no ordinary inversion. You are above the clouds in France (if you’re high enough) and gazing from the sunny parts of Spain. The panorama format was the best shape for this particular view. The centre distance is towards the Ordesa Canyon. The lovely summit on the left is Posets.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Calberide Cloud Inversion

Wednesday January 8, 2014