As I walked past this lake it was suddenly very cold in my vest and shorts. There was a small snowfield to cross in my sandals. Neither of these bother me when the conditions are prevailingly warm. This is my walking style. It’s not the usual advice, whereby you protect yourself from the elements. On this occasion, and I do this in Britain too, I judged that the cold would last thirty or forty five minutes then sun would warm me again. The important thing is having a warm core. Your arms, legs, feet and head can be cold for some time before there’s any problem. It’s not comfortable but doesn’t bother me. The exposure, the physical and psychological momentum, allows me to ignore it. My advice to you however is don’t do it. The Estos valley is down slightly to the right. It’s a good refuge but large. Not many were there which was surprising for August. If it were full, or nearly full, I think I’d find it awful. I’d like to go back and spend more time at Estos. Wild camp perhaps, and use the refuge for evening meals. It would be good to climb Posets which was my plan for 2013 but meant an unduly long and tiring day. You can see Aneto here on the skyline. J’aime le Pyrenees. Oui, c’est vrai.


Pyrenees Mountains: Lake To Aneto

Tuesday January 21, 2014