I was exhausted here, walking from Lescun to Arlet above the Aspe valley. The first time I did this walk in 2009 I was both disoriented and amazed. The first because it was new and the second because it was the first significant walk I’d undertaken outside Britain. It was lovely to be back, and learning how to savour and understand this area. It’s a route where you explore the Aspe valley from above. Etsaut and Borce are below and after a few hours you have distant views of Pic du Midi d’Ossau on the skyline. It’s a distinctive area. The Aspe valley is very beautiful and here, above it, the rocks and summits have a particular character which disappears as you make your way to Arlet, Candanchu, and beyond. Two weeks later, in the Marcadau valley above Cauterets, a woman told me she’d found interesting fleurs sauvage. She was photographing a small patch of purple irises with a telephoto lens. I told her I’d seen them covering large areas on the mountainside in the vicinity of Lescun. I also photographed them in 2009.


Pyrenees Walking: Aspe Valley Clouds

Tuesday September 16, 2014