I’d forgotten how good the Col de Pau is in terms of outlook. It’s a long climb to get there, I was exhausted, and it’s a relief to see relatively flat terrain. On the route to Arlet most of the climbing is over, but there remains a long distance to cover which is tiring again. This is the view staying in France. You’re at the border and if you want to you can descend into Spain. It doesn’t look too attractive – it’s a wide open area with no particular features – and I’ve never heard of that route being used. There was a fierce wind, which is often the case at the cols. That makes no difference for photography although you can be pushed around and might need a faster shutter speed than you’d normally use. It makes video impossible however, and this year as last year too I was getting lots of footage.


Pyrenees Walking: Col de Pau

Wednesday September 17, 2014