I was first here in 2007. It was autumn, the weather was bad, and the trip was unpleasant. Grey skies, rain, mist, and I was staying at the Lescun hostel. The idea was the hostel would be quiet and the autumn colours beautiful. The hostel was quiet but not all the time. My last night there was dreadful in a room packed with other people with whispers, rustling bags, a creaking bed above me, rucksacks being zipped. I played loud music in my mp3 device to drown it out, taking out the headphones to test if it had stopped. The autumn colours weren’t apparent in the gloom except for one day when I walked to Pic d’Anie. I didn’t get to the top because of deep early snow. I went back to Lescun in 2009, hitching up the steep road in a car with two girls who practiced their English and a beaming, laughing father overjoyed to be back. They’d been going to Lescun for a few years. I enjoyed seeing the valley at its best this year, walking to Lac de Lhurs in sunshine.


Pyrenees Photography Book: Lescun Valley

Monday September 22, 2014