There are two or three lakes above refuge Ayous. The largest, here, is called Lac Bersau. In 2013 I walked to Ayous from Etsaut then down to Candanchu past this lake, and onto the GR11 up to the Anayet lakes. It was a very fine walk. At the Candanchu hostel I had dinner and breakfast with two ladies also staying there, one from Quebec the other from Holland. Quebec lady told us she’d slept at this lake the night before, initially uncovered but then rain started and she went into her tent. She said she swam in the lake “natural.” It was a curious word to use. The reason for it, I think, was male company. I stayed here about twenty minutes waiting for good light. It wasn’t exactly as I wanted but close enough. There are times when photography is very uplifting, with a sudden vista or stunning moment of light. There are moments too which are quite frustrating. You see the potential of a shot, but it doesn’t happen. Many times in Britain I go back to the same place and photograph it again. There are many examples, one being Great Moss at Upper Eskdale in the Lake District. This was my second time photographing Lac Bersau.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Lac Bersau

Wednesday September 24, 2014