Black and white version of a colour shot. I’ve made various comments about black and white over the past few years. On a simple level black and white is better for some shots which means it’s always worth converting to see what you think. For other pictures the effect is different, perhaps not better but equally interesting. In this case I prefer the colour shot but like the black and white too. Artist David Hockney made disparaging remarks about photography as compared to painting. He said a camera is a recording device with no depth or soul to it whereas hours, days, or possibly weeks of thoughtful work goes into a painting. Therefore a photograph is relatively worthless. The difference most certainly exists but it doesn’t mean no work goes into a photograph. A great deal of work goes into my Pyrenees photography because it’s about location and walking. The other parts are technical ability and artistic decision. The artistic decision making process is very interesting. Why here, why there, include this, don’t include that. Most of it (in my case) undertaken in the field but then you alter and edit again in Photoshop according to (in my case) what I call the aesthetic limits inherited from the darkroom: which was a craft based process.


Pyrenees Mountains Book: Midi d'Ossau Black And White

Monday September 29, 2014