When I publish photographs from my Pyrenees walks I keep it sequential. It mostly works which means you get a chronological account of my trips. Invariably however I deviate backwards when I see a shot I didn’t notice or appreciate. For much of the time your first visual impressions are accurate and useful. This is a great shot, that is not, and similar. For some of the time too you will overlook photographs which on second or third viewing you realise are interesting or beautiful. This is partly because of the digital medium. It’s different, and far better, if you have a collection of photographs laid on your floor you can browse, peruse, and evaluate. Your editing is more artistic and holistic when you do it materially. Collections too are best evaluated with prints. It’s not how I work however and the same applies to most photographers working digitally. That’s a complicated but hopefully useful way of explaining why I find shots, like this one, which didn’t fit into the initial viewing flow which in this case was a few days ago.


Pyrenees Mountains Book: Aspe Valley Clouds

Tuesday September 30, 2014