I enjoyed these Pyrenees views but didn’t realise how good the shots were. There are two or three which are my favourites for this year. I got superb video footage too. Outside in the cold one of the Canadian ladies asked me if I knew any of the distant peaks. I’m not sure, I said. More precisely, I was familiar with this view and understood where these mountains were but didn’t know their names. I told her that’s where we go tomorrow. They were also walking the HRP.

Panoramic shots are obviously appropriate in relation to the experience of mountains and horizontal scanning. We look left, right, all around in a one by three dimension. We climb vertically to see horizontally. This is at 2034 metres.

You could specialise in square format photography. I find it very restful. You sit in the square frame without moving sideways. I might examine my portfolio and put together a square collection.


Pyrenees Photographs: Clouds From Refuge Pombie

Saturday October 11, 2014