The area here looking down on the lake is above the Arremoulit refuge. You can climb here from the refuge or climb the Passage d’Orteig which is to the left. If you don’t climb the latter it might not occur to you to come here. If you’ve got time to spare it’s worth it for this view. In 2009 I was terrified by the Passage d’Orteig and missed this. The alternative is you walk down to the lake from Col d’Arrious then up again to the refuge. I was utterly exhausted and dreading it at the end of an already long day. Fortified with sweets I attacked it with unexpected resolve and found it wasn’t too difficult. I was surprised to find the refuge was not as far as I’d expected and I was almost disappointed because I’d worked myself up for the vigorous attack. Two people at Arremoulit commented on the beauty of the lake and the views you get walking down to it. I don’t remember it as particularly notable but it is from above. I can check this, with my 2009 photographs. Note the composition here and how the foreground rocks add to the effect. I stayed here about thirty minutes watching the distant clouds for a photograph. They collected and drifted upward and for five minutes visibility was about twenty metres.


Pyrenees Photographs: Lac d'Artouste

Monday October 13, 2014