The day before this was cloudy and rainy. The evening was cold, misty and damp with zero visibility. When these clouds drifted over and down to the lake my spirits clouded over too. I anticipated more dreary conditions. They stayed awhile then dissipated. The evening was cold but lovely. Before dinner I had a freezing cold naked wash in the lake. It’s always the same. It begins with tentative mugs of water over legs, arms, shoulders, front, back then head, getting successively more shocking. Then comes the final full body sluice as it starts to feel bracing and enlivening. If I survive that I might abandon myself to a full immersion plunge. I did that in 2009. I did it again this year. In and out again immediately was as much as I could bear. The important point is sunshine and air temperature so you can recover. Not a bad place for a dip and some sunbathing.


Pyrenees Photographs: Lac Arremoulit Cloud

Wednesday October 15, 2014