After a few minutes of this Lac Arremoulit was invisible. I took this photograph where I’d pitched my tent. It was exactly the same place I’d used in 2009. The large immovable rock was digging into my back again. This year I arranged my sleeping mat slightly better and it didn’t bother me. The final decision is always which end to rest your head. I think about it as if it’s a bed in a room where you want to feel solidity and protection behind you with an advantageous outlook in front. It’s primal. I like to have my feet towards a refuge so I feel I’m in control of approaching people. I think animals do this. They can be very choosy where they lie and in what direction, sometimes for no obvious reason. The main attraction here was the shimmering effect of the illumined cloud as it touched the water. The camera I now use has, according to photographer Charlie Waite, the same quality as medium format film. I was pleased when I saw the glistening silvery sheen was captured.


Pyrenees Mountains: Lac Arremoulit Cloud

Thursday October 16, 2014