There are narrative mountain photographs and art photographs. One of the stages students reach is recognising this difference and learning the latter. You won’t be Ansel Adams if you snap without thinking about it. What you think, and why, is the next step to consider. To some extent this can be formalised in terms of compositional elements. Ultimately however it must be intuitive. You have to sense the composition in front of you in terms of its shapes, shades, and colours. I often take a shot quickly before the light disappears then explore it further if I can. This angle, that angle, the rock in the frame or not. Very often, I find my first impression of a view is the best. There’s something rich and sumptuous about a good black and white photograph. Some people feel this and others do not.


Pyrenees Photography: Arremoulit Morning Black and White

Tuesday October 21, 2014