This was my second time here above the Aratille lakes in Spain. The day before I’d walked to the Arremoulit refuge. As in 2009 I liked this area but couldn’t find a distinctive photograph which pleased me. Some mountain areas are like that. This got me thinking about what I try to achieve with photography. It’s important to identify this. What I’m always thinking about is a gallery quality image which looks good on a wall. That’s a very high standard. There are other shots however which may not be so distinct but serve a purpose nonetheless. Perhaps to illustrate some copy, an article, a narrative account of a walk or similar. One is pictorial which stands on its own terms. The other needs some explanation. You cross from France to Spain at this point which is a pleasurable moment. It’s not unusual for Spain to be hot and sunny when France is covered in cloud. I didn’t encounter that this year. This day in Spain was however hotter than the previous day in France.


Pyrenees Photography: Aratille Lakes

Wednesday October 22, 2014