The rock at the back is where you descend to the Aratille lakes from Arremoulit. The col is to the left. There are two in fact; you have a choice of two paths from the refuge. I met again with the three Canadian ladies taking a break. I like this. I was walking alone, but there were people I met periodically. They asked me for advice further along. The path junction is not very obvious I said, where you take either the GR11 or the HRP. The difference between the paths is however very obvious. The GR11 turns right and descends down a large slope. If you go that way you eventually find yourself at Sallent de Gallego. It’s a pleasant Spanish town where I slept last year. What you have to do, I said, is stay left and stay high. If you do that you’re on the HRP to Respomuso. I was looking forward to the path. It’s a lovely area with pine tree fragrance and views down to the valley. In 2013 I climbed up the valley I was now above, as I was in 2009. All that starts to unfold about forty minutes from here. In 2009 I rested at this exact place alongside a walking party from Toulouse. I walked and spoke a little with a French chap wearing a French beret. I’m not a fast walker. They were slower because of elderly people in their group. I remember thinking I was too concerned with movement and momentum, and it was pleasant to adopt their pace. There were a few tents thirty minutes from here. It’s a good place for wild camping and I gave that advice to a couple the previous day. They weren’t sure whether to rest at Arremoulit or continue further. I cropped this shot a little, not sure whether to crop it further and remove the tree on the left. It becomes a more abstract shot, which I like, but is less indicative of this Pyrenees moment.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Aratille Lakes

Friday October 24, 2014