The Spanish Respomuso refuge is nearby to the left of the lake. Last year I got a photograph here which is a favorite of mine. The pointed summit on the skyline is called Teberrai. For this shot, 2014, the light was predictably different as were the aesthetics. The wild flowers in the stones are attractive foreground. Last year my foreground was grass. In 2009 I walked from Respomuso to refuge Wallon in France. In 2013 I took the GR11 to Panticosa which, very roughly, is go up here and turn right below Teberrai. This year I walked again to Wallon. I had a pleasant meal with the Canadian ladies who used the kitchen to make dinner. They were craving vegetables, they told me. I left the refuge around nine o’clock to pitch my tent. I didn’t want to leave the comfortable hut but choose the private peace of a tent for good sleep. In 2009 I sat and conversed with two British chaps who’d been there several times. My rucksack was the GoLite Jam, one of them had the Mark II version, and we compared them. Two years ago I upgraded to the ULA Conduit. It’s more refined with different and superior features. Last year the Respomuso cook was a pleasant chap from Nepal. He told me he ran a walking guide service in the season then spent his summers in the Pyrenees. I didn’t see him this year.


Pyrenees Mountain Photography: Respomuso

Saturday October 25, 2014