When you walk the GR10, GR11 and HRP, you don’t summit any of the mountains. The route itself, with one notable exception, runs below the peaks. The GR10 in particular stays relatively low. There is one exception which is Pic Carlit on the route of the HRP. This doesn’t mean there’s no drama, as you can see from my photographs. You cross high magnificent cols and walk along elevated tracks. Le Grand Fache is one of several peaks you can add easily to a route. Others are Le Taillon above the Sarradets refuge, Petit Vignemale above Baysellance, and Pimene above Gavarnie. I think Grand Fache and Le Taillon are the best of those, very different and equally stunning. Grand Fache struck me more this time than it did in 2009. I’m not sure why. I got superb photographs and video including a series of panoramas I’ll display separately. In the distance you can see Midi d’Ossau on the skyline. Photographically, what I like about this shot is the two lakes and the wild flowers in the corner. They add interest to a scene which needs to be anchored and ordered.


Pyrenees Photography: Le Grand Fache (1)

Friday October 31, 2014