I don’t know which lakes they are nor the distinctive mountain on the skyline to the left of them. It’s complicated terrain. Much of it I do recognise in my photographs but this one puzzles me. I can try guessing, correlating this shot with others, but a different angle gives you an entirely different picture. It’s a view from Grand Fache. Maybe that’s all I need to say for this shot. You need about an hour to climb up here from Col de la Fache. The upper part of the track is mostly two hand scrambling. Nothing technically difficult. In 2009 I lost my way coming down because in parts the track isn’t clear. To my right there was a precipitous ridge. I stayed left, the result of which was a longer route across a rougher area. It’s a vexatious experience when you’re tired and want to get down again. I remembered this, and turned right towards the ridge. It seems counter intuitive, but in fact leads to the little cairns and the safest return to the col.


Pyrenees Photography: Le Grand Fache (3)

Sunday November 2, 2014